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Tyre Replacement Woodford


How Do You Know If Your Tyres Need Changing?

To make sure your Tyres are safe and legal for use on Woodford's roads, you must have a minimum of 1.6mm of tread tyre depth across the central three quarters of the breath of the tyre and around the whole outer entire circumference.

What If Your Tyres Do Not Meet The Legal Requirements?

You must get your tyres changed by law if your car vehicle tyres do not meet the legal requirements set above. Not having legal tyres may cause you to not stop in the shortest distance in an emergency. Also there is a fine from the police plus 3 points per illegal tyre on your car. Often there are police checks in the Woodford Green area. So come in and let us check your Tyres for free.

What Type Of Tyres Should You Use For You Car?

It is a proven fact that the more high quality tyre you put on your vehicle, the distance it will take to stop in an emergency with be much less than if you used a budget tyre. Just imagine if a child ran out on the road as you were driving in Redbridge?