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Clutch Repairs Woodford


How Do You Know If Your Clutch Needs Changing?

You may find your Clutch slipping when changing gears. A screeching sound also may be herd. You may find that the gears don't engage properly when changing up or down. The Clutch may feel really hard to press down. Also your car may not pick up much speed. If your unsure you can always get us to diagnose it for free and take a no obligation quote from us to fix your Clutch in Woodford.

How Long Will It Take Us To Fix Your Clutch In Woodford?

We can normally fix your Clutch in Woodford or even replace your Clutch in Woodford within the same day. We have a big parts retailer right next to us where you can even pick up your own Clutch and bring it to us and we will just charge you for the labour to fit your Clutch in Woodford.

How Will Your Clutch Feel Once We Repair Your Clutch in Woodford?

Your Clutch will feel light and smoothe when we repair your clutch in our car repair garage. Your car will pick up speed and it will be easier to change your gears. We offer a full one years gurantee on all Clutch repairs in Woodford.