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Air Conditioning Repair Woodford


We charge £30 for air con refill.

We can offer you air conditioning repair in Woodford and we can refill your air conditioning system with air conditioning gas using our aircon refill machine. When we refill you air conditioning system our air conditoning refill machine will put a dye through you air conditioning system before it recharges it to check for any system leaks or other problems giving you peace of mind that your air con system is working correctly.

What if your air conditioning system smells when in use?

If your Air Conditioning system smells when in use it may need cleaning. We simply get an Air Conditioning cleaning aerosole and clean out your Air Conditioning system to make it smell clean and fresh.

Whatis the difference between our air conditioning refill and aerosole refill?

If your air conditioning system needs refilling in Woodford you can get us to do it or you can simply buy an air con refill can and do it yourself. But BE AWARE that air conditioning refill cans can make you put too much in your system and burst your ac pipes. This could cost you much more in air con repairs in Woodford. Our aircon machine will fill your car's aircon system at the correct pressure and with the dye checking system it works out the same price as doing it yourself.